Something else that I collect are old magazines, primarily as they're a great source for research, not least when you're interested in old appliances. A lot of the items on this page are impossibly rare now, particularly washing machines and dishwashers, which tended to either have a short operating life, or became obsolete very quickly. And so many of these brands are long-lost now - Colston, Rolls, Twin-V, Easiclene and others were taken over or went bust many years ago. This page also features a couple of sixties washing machine brochures, as well as three car brochures form the 1970s - scroll down, or jump to the ones you wish to see using the links below. also see the Sunco Electrical Catalogue from 1939.
On this page:
  • AEG Lavalux, 1960
  • Belling fires, 1961
  • Creda Zeromatic 65, 1962
  • Creda Carefree, 1963
  • Easiclene twin-tub, 1961
  • HMV vacuum cleaner, 1962
  • Hoover Keymatic (brochure), 1966
  • Hotpoint Countess, 1960
  • Kenwood Dishmaster, 1961
  • Kenwood dishwasher, 1965
  • Kenwood Chef, 1965

  • Moulinex, 1960
  • Parnall Vibra-Beat, 1960
  • Prestcold Packaway, 1961
  • Rolls Starmatic, 1961
  • Rolls-Colston dishwasher, 1962
  • Rolls twin-tubs (brochure), 1962
  • Colston Turbo-Jet, 1969
  • Colston Commodore, 1973
  • Colston Jetstream, 1974
  • Twin V twin-tub, 1960

    The German electrical concern, their products were pricey but high quality, a reputation which they hold on to today.
    AEG Lavalux Twin Tub Washing Machine, Good Housekeeping, April 1960
    Probably best known for their 'Baby Belling' compact cooker, Belling have manufactured mostly heat-producing appliances since at least the 1920s, and are still in business today.
    Belling Medieval, Princess, Countess and Radiant Zephyr Electric Fires, Homes and Gardens, December 1961
    Creda were making electrical appliances in the UK before World War Two, and one of their principal acheivements was the development of the thermostatically controlled cooker in 1933. Post-war, they concentrated on the manufacture of white goods, such as fridges and cookers.
    Creda Zeromatic 65 Fridge-Freezer, Good Housekeeping, May 1962
    Creda Carefree cooker, Good Housekeeping, June 1963
    Easiclene manufactured a range of domestic appliances and kitchen fittings (such as sinks) in the early 60s, but I know very little else about the company.
    Easiclene Easitwin Twin-Tub Washing Machine, Ideal Home, July 1961
    HMV produced a range of electrical appliances aside from audio equipment, until the 1960s. Their appliances were usually highly distinctive in design.
    HMV Vacuum Cleaner, Good Housekeeping, March 1962
    Hoover were an American company, who pioneered the Upright vacuum cleaner in 1908. A factory was opened in the UK in 1932, and the company diversified its products after World War Two to eventually include kettles, washing machines, dishwashers, fan heaters and irons, among other goods. The Keymatic washing machine was particularly interesting as it featured a two-way wash action - Forty years before the Dyson Contra - Rotator!
    Hoover Keymatic Automatic Washing Machine, Brochure, 1966 - Cover - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 - Page 5 - Page 6 - Page 7 - Page 8
    Hotpoint had sold washing machines in the UK since the 1920s. Although the first machines were similar to the parent company Maytag's American models, by the 1950s a range had been developed specifically for the European market.
    Hotpoint Countess Washing Machine, Good Housekeeping, August 1960
    The Kenwood Company was started in postwar Great Britain by a Mr. Kenneth Wood, and the first product by the company was the 1947 A100 Toaster, quickly followed by the World-famous Kenwood Chef mixer. In the 1950s, Kenwood started to manufacture the New-Zealand designed Dishmaster dishwasher, followed by the 1212 with "Rotosurge" action in the 1960s.
    Kenwood Dishmaster Dishwasher, Ideal Home, June 1961
    Kenwood 1212 Dishwasher, Good Housekeeping, July 1965
    Kenwood Chef and accessories, Good Housekeeping, November 1965
    Moulinex successfully imported a range of inexpensive small gadgets from France. Starting with the hand-cranked Mouligrater, by 1960 they were selling a number of electrical items in the UK.
    Moulinex Push-Button kitchen, Woman and Home, December 1960
    Parnall were the electrical division of Radiation, who were well known for their gas cookers. This company produced a mixture of its own designs, plus license-built versions of American machines - such as the Vibra-Beat vacuum, which was sold under the Eureka brand name in the USA.
    Parnall Vibra-Beat vacuum cleaner, Good Housekeeping, August 1960
    Prescold were a British manufactuer of refrigerators, although they later introduced one of the first British-built Dishwashers. They were taken over by Rolls (see below), with the name vanishing when that company was liquidated.
    Prestcold Packaway Refigerators, Good Housekeeping, April 1961
    Rolls came into being in the late 1950s after entrepreneur John Bloom bought the brand name of Rolls Razor to market a range of inexpensive twin-tub washing machines. Colston were formed around the same time by Sir Charles Colston, formerly the UK director of Hoover, to market a compact dishwasher of his design. The companies amalgamated in 1962, but had gone bankrupt by 1964. Manufacture continued with machines built by the engineering company Tallent (who built the company's dishwashers), who re-branded them as such briefly, but by 1965 the machines were marketed as Colstons before the appliance division of Tallent was taken over by the Italian firm Ariston in 1979.
    Rolls Starmatic Washing Machine, Woman & Home, December 1960
    Rolls-Colston Dishwasher, Good Housekeeping, June 1962
    Rolls Rapide, Rapide Deluxe and Autorinse Twin-Tubs, Brochure, 1962 - Cover - Page 2/3 - Page 4/5 - Page 6/7 - Page 8/9 - Page 10/11 - Page 12/13 - Page 14/15 - Page 16/17 - Page 18/19
    Colston Turbo-Jet Dishwashers, Good Housekeeping, January 1969
    Colston Commodore Washer-Dryer, Good Housekeeping, November 1973
    Colston Jetstream Dishwashers, Good Housekeeping, November 1974
    Twin V 
    A Company that I know very little about, Twin V manufactured twin-tub washing machines at the turn of the 1960s.
    Twin V Washing Machine, Woman & Home, December 1960