I studied Design History at the University of Brighton from 2001, which was a subject that fitted in well with my interests. I finished my studies in 2005, graduating with a 2:2 (Hons), and so I thought that now would be a fitting time to put some of my better works online. All these articles are in PDF format, and are copyright of myself. Should you wish to use them, drop me an email, and I'll probably be happy to oblige.

Cult Film: Essay Bibliography
What is a cult film? This paper looks at different genres, from Arthouse to Grand Guignol and Rock Musicals, and considers the impact of the videocassette revolution and the benefits of reappraisal.

David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust and the construction of an image: Essay Bibliography
Bowie was, in the early 1970s, the ultimate plastic rock star; an entirely false and yet self-invented entity that worried parents with the threat of sexual ambiguity and decadence. This piece examines the componentry of the Ziggy Stardust character.

Domestic Nostalgia: Essay Bibliography
Even in the most consciously modern of historical periods, the architecture and decor of the private home in the UK frequently uses motifs and elements which are intended to hark back to an earlier age. Why is this?

The Shangri-Las: Essay Bibliography
Today, the Shangri-Las are a quaint anachronism of 1960s adolescent melodrama, a girl-group whose ouvre almost entirely consisted of songs revolving around death. Was this tastless and trite, or can it be justified?

Teddy Boys and the Rock’n’Roll Revival: Essay Bibliography
The first significant revival in the spectrum of rock and pop music was the appearance of a brand new genration of 'traditional' rock & roll fans toward the end of the 1960s, a movement which blossommed in the 70s. This writing examines this phenomena.